Local Self-government Conference Greece - Romania

Local Self-government Conference Greece - Romania

Local Self-government Conference Greece - Romania

27th and 28th May 2005
Republic of Romania

The European Organisation for Strategic Planning, in collaboration with the Prefecture and the Municipality of Bucharest, organised a Local Self-government Conference Greece - Romania. The objective was to make a framework of collaboration between the Self-government Organisations of Greece - Romania, common policies and viable development of the cities; also to modulate common actions and initiatives, in the frames of a new strategic policy of the European Union, for the new countries of the union as well as the countries to be integrated, like Romania.

The Conference was held on 27th and 28th May 2005 in Bucharest and participants were Mayors, representatives of Municipalities, Prefectures as well as Self-government actors from Greece and Romania.

During the sojourn of our Representation in Bucharest, a visit was made to the University "TITU MAIORESCU" and a meeting was held with the Rector Mr. Avram Filipas.

On Friday 27/05 the proceedings of the Conference were held in the Romanian Parliament House, where serious proposals were placed and opinions were exchanged about issues that concern both parties regarding the Local Self-government framework.

Additionally, on 28/05 visits were made to the Greek Municipality of Izvoarele, where the Greek Delegation was warmly welcomed by the residents of the village, with traditional dances and songs from Mother Thrace, where they descend from and a meeting with the Mayor of the Town.

Subsequently, our delegation during the same day visited the Municipality of Tulcea and met with the Mayor of the city, as well as with the Prefect of Tulcea.

Additionally, a visit was made to the offices of the Greek Community of Tulcea, where our Representation was welcomed by the President of the Community and members of the Greek dance group.

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