The interdependence of EU countries in a globalized environment in the economic, energy, commercial, technological, cultural and political fields also requires the organization of transnational cooperation, with the aim of defining and activating mechanisms for implementing integrated strategic planning programs.



The European Strategic Planning Organization was founded in 2001 in Athens and is an independent non-profit organization, a think tank and has as its main objective the promotion of creative cooperation between states and regions at European and international level.

It is active in the context of the new reality, which requires collective study and treatment of contemporary issues, both at a European and a global level. It is a scientific institution, member of European and international networks and is supported by Institutes, developmental, scientific and social bodies and collaborates with special scientists.

The main objective of the EOSP is the creation and promotion of strategic planning policies for the development and cooperation of states and regions in Europe and the World. It undertakes actions and elaborates efforts in order to fully improve the comparative advantages of the European area in all departments and especially in the field of quality improvement but also in the development of competitiveness and productivity.


Activity of E.O.S.P. at European and international level

E.O.S.P. creates and forms networks of international collaborations. It develops collaborations with International Organizations, International Research Institutes, European Organizations, International Banking - Credit Organizations, Social Institutions and University Institutions.

Signs protocols of cooperation with International Development Agencies on issues of Environment, Regional and Local Development, as well as on issues related to respect for Human Rights, Peace and Solidarity.

Also, the activity of the EOSP covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • the operation of mechanisms for timely and valid information and information of the bodies with which we cooperate for the undertaking of joint actions within the framework of our goals and objectives.
  • the administrative and technical support of our actions.
  • the organization of multi-thematic conferences
  • the organization for the development and operation of International city observatories.
  • the design and conduct of research studies on issues of social, economic, political, rural, tourist, cultural and environmental character and in the promotion and dissemination of their results.
  • the publication of the findings of its most important events, the studies and research it carries out, as well as various monographs which are considered to enrich the approaches of various social economic, cultural and other problems.
  • the development of various partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, Institutes, Organizations at national and international level.

The presence of the European Organization for Strategic Planning (E.O.S.P.) in European and international events is catalytic because it contributes to the emergence of problems and determines the necessary strategy and communication tactics between EU states to solve them.

The International Cooperation for regional development and not only, is the basic component of modern international relations. This element gives it a multifactorial character, which affects the international economic and political developments as a whole.

Finally, our positions and proposals converge with the central strategic actions of the states and regions. At the same time, an effort is being made through conferences and conventions to propose bold solutions to current problems that arise.

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