2nd International Conference of Self-government for the environment, public health and employment

2nd International Conference of Self-government for the environment, public health and employment

2nd International Conference of Self-government for the environment, public health and employment

7th to 9th May 2004
Athens, Greece

The European Organisation for Strategic Planning (E.O.S.P.), the Technical University of Crete, the Association of Communities and Municipalities in the Attica Region (A.C.M.A.R.), the Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce of Finland, organised the 2nd International Conference for Self-government in Athens on 7th, 8th and 9th May 2004, with the objective to highlight the role of Self-government in the Public Health, the Environment, the Social Politics and the Employment.

The Conference was under the Patronage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Decentralisation. The institution of those international Conferences for Self-government started in 2003 with the E.O.S.P. initiative in the frames of the Greek Presidency of the European Union and in view of the EU expansion at that time.

The E.O.S.P. considering that the institution of the Local Self-government is the main lever of the Development process in all Europe, is sustaining the institution, promoting and encouraging all those procedures and measures that have as a target the decentralisation, the Regional Development and Collaboration of the European Self-government Organisations.
The subject of the Conference was:

"Local Self-government in Europe and Viable Development"

The Conference was held at the Royal Olympic Palace hotel in Athens. Local Self-governments of 24 countries of Europe participated, as well as the Mayors and the Prefectures of all Greece. In a historical moment for the future of the EU, five days after the signature of the treaty for the induction of ten new states, an opportunity was given to their representatives to provide arguments on current issues and daily problems that they face, among which Employment, Environment, Public Health and Social Politics.

Important scientists - speakers highlighted those issues as prevalent and emphasised that their treatment and administration can and must come through the Policies of Local Self-government and which will be a product of collaboration of the EU with the National Governments.

At the same time with the activities of the International Conference, there was an Exhibition where the Local Self-government Organisations were able to promote their areas and work. They exchanged opinions and researched solutions through a common planning and exchange of experiences and know-how.




Officials' greetings
- Spyridon Tsirigotis, Mayor of Megalopolis, President of European Organisation
- Victoria Nagy, Alternate Minister of Internal Affairs Hungary
- Ole Norrback, Ambassador of Finland
- Giannakis Skordis, Mayor of Ammochostos Cyprus, C' Vice-President of E.O.S.P.
- Sotirios Chatzigakis, A' Vice-President of the Greek Parliament
- Kelly Bourdara, Vice-Mayor of Athens
- Stavros Lambrinidis, Ambassador, General Director of International Olympic Truce Centre
- Petros Fillipou, Mayor of Kalyvia, Thorikos, President of the Local Union of Municipalities and Communities of Attica (TEDKNA)

The contribution of Self-government to the viable development
- Spyros Vliamos, General Secretary of Administration of Community and other resources
- Vasilis Lykos, Biologist Environmentalist, Scientific Collaborator of the University of Crete, City Councillor of Dafne.

EU Policies for the Environment and the Sustainable Development and the Role of Local Self-government Organisations
- Spyros Spyridon, Mayor of Poros
- Dimitrios Lagos, Professor of the University of the Aegean
- Ioannis Fratzis, Engineer - Environmentalist

The Environment and the Local Self-government Organisations
- Grammatiki Papazoglou, International Law Expert, Expert Scientist of Municipality of Feres Evros.

Waste management in Europe - Legal framework of operations
- Eleni Kalikantzarou, Environmentalist Researcher
- Athanasios Margetis, Vice-Mayor of Spata
- Dimitris Panagiotakopoulos, Professor at the University of Thrace

Recycling, selection at source and the role of the Local Self-government Organisations
- Evanthia Michalena, Researcher at the National Technical University of Athens
- Petri Kouvo, Director of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council
- Konstantinos Aravosis, Mechanical Engineer, Adjunct Professor at the University of Thessaly
- Pekka Alanen, Alternate Director, Union of Finnish Local Regional Authorities

Urban waste management in Greece and in Europe. Aquifer pollution and air pollution.
- Konstantinos Mnimandidis, Civil Engineer - Director of Waste Management and Restorations A.C.M.A.R.
- Christos Tsobanidis, Chemical Engineer - Vice-President of ENVIROPLAN S.A.

Urban waste management in Greece and in Europe. Aquifer pollution and air pollution.
- Michalis Sabatakakis, Chemical Engineer, Director of Health and Environment of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity
- Dimitrios Theodorouleas, Physician

Good practices of organisation and collaboration of Local Self-government Organisations for the protection of the environment.
- Maria Bogenberg, Expert Consultant of International Network of Municipalities and Communities - Interreg IIIC.

The opportunities in cooperation between Greek and Finnish Municipalities
- Pekka Alanen, Alternate Director, Union of Finnish Local Regional Authorities
- Jersy Zajakala, Union of Agricultural Municipalities of Poland

Development Associations - Municipal Entities
- Georgios Danopoulos, Legal Consultant, Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (EETAA)
- Aggelos Syrmas, Mayor of Avlona
- Lili Christoforidou, Expert Consultant of Planning and Realisation of European Programs for the Local Self-government Organisations.

Public Health, social politics and Local Self-government organisations
- Minerva Melpomeni Maliori, Member of the European Parliament

The preventive and advising contribution of the socio-medical services of primary health care
- Loukas Katsaros, Prefect of Larisa
- Ioannis Lyberis, Mayor of Amaliada
- Risto Pomoell, Expert Consultant of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

Applications with the use of geographical information systems for the Local Self-government
- Adonis Kontos, President of Marathon Data System
- Georgios Anastopoulos, Vice-mayor of Ilioupoli
- Georgios Labrakos, Physician - Member of E.O.S.P.

The program "Help at Home" and the Local Self-government Organisations (O.T.A.)
- Lambros Michos, Mayor of Agia Varvara, Attica
- Elias Kourebis
- Vaso Marmara
- Georgios Oustoglou, Mayor of Feres, Evros

Local initiatives for employment and the role of O.T.A.
- Evaggelos Christofilakis, Vice-Mayor of Ano Liosia
- Georgios Anastopoulos, Vice-Mayor of Ilioupoli
- Giannakis Skordis, Mayor of Ammochostos Cyprus, C' Vice-president E.O.S.P.

Local employment treaties
- Nikolaos Krimnianiotis, General Director of "Efxini Polis"

Cultural policy and employment
- Odysseas Katsaitis, Professor of Economics, American College of Greece, Deree
- Nikolaos Dalamarinis, City Councillor Municipality of Corinth

Primary Sector and Employment
- Ioannis Bourodimos, Mayor of Dyrfis Evia
- Nikos Trikalitis, City Councillor Municipality of Thebes, Economist, Regional Planner National Technical University of Athens, Vice-president Scientific
Committee of E.O.S.P.

Local plans for employment. Connection to European strategy for employment to the level of O.T.A.
- Nikolaos Dassios, Development Consultant
- Alexandra Krasa - Kourti, EURESS - Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED)

Conference Conclusions
- Georgios Koromilas, Economist, Expert Secretary of the European Institute for Self-government

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