The interdependence of the EU countries in an internationalised environment on the economic, energy, commercial, technological, cultural and political sector demands the organisation of intergovernmental collaborations, aiming to determine and activate application mechanisms of integrated programs for STRATEGIC PLANNING.

The International Collaboration for the regional development and not only, forms the main component of contemporary INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. This element infuses a multifactor character that influences the ensemble of the INTERNATIONAL economic and political developments.

The presence of the EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR STRATEGIC PLANNING (E.O.S.P.) in the EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL proceedings is a catalyst, because it contributes to the prominence of problems and determines the necessary strategic and communicating tactics between the countries of EU for their solution.

Our views and proposals converge to the main strategic actions of the countries and the regions. However, an effort is made through the conferences and congresses to propose bold solutions to present problems that occur.


The European Organisation for Strategic Planning operates within the framework of the new reality, which demands collective study and treatment of modern issues, as much on a European as on an International level.

It is a scientific entity, member of European and International networks and is supported by Institutes, developmental, scientific and social bodies and collaborates with expert scientists.

Its main objective is the creation and prominence of Strategic Planning policies for the development and collaboration of countries and regions in Europe and the World.


E.O.S.P's Activity on a European and International level

E.O.S.P. creates and modulates international collaborations networks.

It develops collaborations of Self-government bodies with International Organisations and Research Institutes, European Self-government Organisations, International Bank - Credit Institutions, Social entities, Universities
Foundations, Local Unions of Self-Government.

It signs collaboration protocols with International Development bodies in subjects of the Environment, Regional and Local Development, as well as in subjects concerning the respect of Human Rights, Peace and Solidarity.


The main strategies applied by the Organisation concern:

1.the operation of mechanisms for the prompt and valid information and briefing of the entities with which we collaborate for the assumption of common actions in the frames of our objectives and targets.

2.the administrative and technical support of our activities.

3.the organisation of conferences with multi-thematic character.

4.the organisation for the development and operation of International lookout cities.

5.the planning and performing of research studies in social, economic, political, agricultural, touristic, cultural and environmental subjects and the prominence and diffusion of their results.

6.the issues related the Local Self-government and its content, role, perspectives and possibilities on a local, national and European level, with emphasis on issues of financing and contribution to European Programs and Initiatives.

7.the publication of conclusions of its most important events, studies and researches that it performs, as well as of various monographs which are estimated to enrich the approaches of various social, economic, cultural and other problems.

8.the development of various entrepreneurial relations with Higher Educational Institutions, Institutes, Organisations on a national and international level.

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