Countries of the Black Sea

Countries of the Black Sea


The wider Black Sea region as a crossroads, not only continents and cultures but also of major historical events and developments that are lost in the mists of centuries, today called upon to play again, separate and equally important role in developmental changes, not only in the wider area Member of Black, but also the entire region of Southeast Europe.

On the fringes of the European Union, at the foot of the new dynamics of the Russian Federation but also in high growth, but explosive areas host the East, the Black Sea is site specific economic, diplomatic, social, trade and tourism and cultural idioms.

The European Organization for Strategic Planning, realizing the importance of the «mixture» properties and characteristics of the region, advancing the establishment of a permanent forum for cooperation and dialogue «of the Black Sea Countries».


Action Plan on social, political and economic level:

- The joint action and co-decision on issues of common and balanced development

- The design for the protection and enhancement of natural environment

- Improvement of Bilateral Relations

- The development of joint development cooperation and convergence between different financial figures

- Growth and development of existing commercial hub and the emergence of new roads and ports

- The holding of the uniqueness of particular importance as the crossroads of energy

- A comprehensive strategic plan for tourism development and culture, through the emergence of unique characteristics and competitive characteristics of the region.


Participating Countries:

1. Bulgaria (EU)

2. Greece (EU)

3. Turkey

4. Romania (EU)

5. Ukraine

6. Russia

7. Georgia


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