Delegation of Self-government Actors to Helsinki

Delegation of Self-government Actors to Helsinki

Delegation of Self-government Actors to Helsinki

13th - 17th April 2005
Republic of Finland

The European Organisation for Strategic Planning, the Union of Municipalities - Communities of Finland and the Finnish Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, organised a delegation of Self-government Actors from Greece to Helsinki Finland, from 13th to 17th April 2005. The objective of the delegation was the briefing about the new technologies, the Financial Mechanisms of the Self-government Organisations; also to be informed about the environment, as well as the policies of EU for the Recycling and the atmospheric pollution.

Meeting Subjects:

- Information mechanisms on new technologies issues.

- Financial mechanisms of Self-government Organisations.

- Action and administration programs for the Environment.

- Adjustment of the Decisions of EU for the Environment.

- Water Resources and Water Processing.

- Recycling and Atmospheric Pollution.


During the sojourn of our representation, the following visits were made:

- Visit to YV (Union of Municipalities - Communities of Finland) in the city of Helsinki (Inter-municipal enterprise of 5 Municipalities of the greater area of Helsinki - Administration Entity for issues of solid, liquid, gas wastes, public transportation means and local planning).

- Visit to the company "Helsinki Water" (Installation of liquid waste processing and utilisation of processed water for thermal and all in all energy scopes).

- Visit to the MOLOK company in the city of Tampere (Manufacturing company of underground system for garbage collection).

- Visit to the Science and Business Park in the city of Lahti, where there are concentrated infrastructures and facilities of garbage management and waste in general (selection, recycling, transshipment, final disposal and utilisation)


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